Spandex House

Phone 212-354-6711


How do I order fabrics?

Placing an order with spandex house team is always a fun. You can contact with sales department via e mail or by phone :
- E-mails : OR

- Phone : 212-354-6711 Fax : 646-864-1396 you can always place your order online visiting our website at

What is your retail location?

Spandex House, Inc.
263 West 38th Street
Ground Floor
New York, NY, 10018

Is there a required minimum order size?

Our minimum orders requires One yard of the fabrics with a minimum total of US $20.00 before shipping.

Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes! We do accept purchase orders coming from companies and registered business institutions.

How I order from sample card?

Once you receive samples card from us, please use the sample card number (underneath each sample) and sample card date to place your order in order to avoid any confusion, since our website number is different from your sample card.

I only received one of my products today, where is the rest of my order?

Usually your shipment is sent together and should delivered together. However, for the rare occurrence its happen to receive one shipment earlier than the other. you should expect to see your shipment the next day in most cases. If its happens to take longer than expected you can contact (212) 354-6711.

How do you pack the orders for shipment?

The packing of orders depend on how customers want it and the quantity of order. If the fabric is folded, it will be shipped in a box. Rolls of fabric would be wrapped in heavy plastic bags or in cartons.

How may I get the wholesale price?

To get the wholesale price, you should order any single item 50 yard or more or order by roll.
We usually use USPS to ship samples and it is free up to 10 samples. If customers need samples on urgent basis, then customers should pay the expedite shipping cost.

Do you sell samples?

Our first ten fabric samples are free. Afterwards, it will cost US $1.00 for each sample. You can click to ‘’sample request’’ to proceed with a sample order. You can also call (212) 654-3711 and ask for the sales department for more information regarding samples. Your samples size is 3"x5".

Can I track my sample order?

Depending on the method of shipment you choose, you can track your sample order. If you choose FedEx or UPS, we will provide you a tracking number so you can stay up-to-date in real time with your sample order. USPS may take up to 7 days to get your sample delivered.

Do I need to return samples to Spandex House?

No! Any sample you receive is yours to keep. We have a copy of your sample to match during your order.